Brief: This project consists of two data-driven dashboard designs that allow students and instructors to provide/receive interim feedback on projects. 
Given context: We were given a classroom scenario to contextualize our design: teams of students each take turns giving live demonstrations of their projects to get feedback from other students on the team's design. Presentations span one semester.
Ui/UX Design  |  User Research  |  Motion Graphics
Duration: 4 Weeks
Team: Jianwei Cheng, Yichen Li, Alice Hong 
Programs: Figma​​​​​​​
Goals of Student Dashboard
Student pays attention to the live demonstration and provides/receives constructive feedback in a way that can be compiled easily after the demonstration.
A chat box was created to facilitate live class discussions. Student listeners can respond to the presenter's questions, upvote other responses, and respond with additional comments.
Students can view a summary of their rank within the class, the total number of questions answered, and questions that still need to be answered.
Goals of Instructor Dashboard
The instructor oversees class discussions, makes sure all students are participating, and summarizes the feedback.
We minimized the class chatbox so the instructor is able to view additional information, like individual student progress, class participation, and schedules for upcoming presentations.
Students and instructors are able to view a summary of the total number of questions answered and upvotes received. Short messages were included to encourage students to participate.
Utilizing active/steady animations, we incorporated a few animations to create a fun and encouraging user experience.
Data Analysis
We were given lots of data, including student usernames, presentation dates, names of presentations, student questions and responses...etc. We inspected, filtered, and modeled the data in a visually engaging manner to preserve student interest.

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