A concept lamp design that produces and modulates light for studio use. Its purpose is to destress and relax the user in a studio environment. Can be used for activities like reading, talking with peers, or any other stress-free activity.
Product Design ​​​​​​
Materials: Cardstock paper, light bulb
Duration: 2 weeks
Team: Individual
Initial Ideation
• Cut out multiple strips of paper and glued them together, aligning them at an offset.
• Played around with organic structures by twisting strips.
• Explored various combinations of twisting and alignment positions. 
• Brainstorming various methods of assembly (ie. alignment, spacing, and width of strips).
• Experimentations with base structures- brainstorming effective ways to join lamp and base cohesively.
• Brainstorming adhesive techniques (ie. tabs, folds, glue, tape...).
• Thinking about the directional flow of light.
One of my biggest takeaways from this project is learning to design a product so that its form speaks to its purpose. I struggled a lot with this concept in my process. However, after speaking with my class's TA, I came to the conclusion that a purpose could have many different layers, each layer just needs to be prioritized. My product is designed for relaxation, but these relaxing activities take place at a desk, implying a product that promotes relaxation with a work-related tone. Though work is hinted at, relaxation ultimately takes priority.
Establishing a cohesive design was something that stood out in this project as well. My first few iterations consisted of parts that spoke two very different languages. It became a lot more apparent later on in my process that my design almost seemed as if it was fighting itself. It caused some confusion in my viewers which made me aware of the importance of cohesion.

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